"Self Funding Ideas for ALL"
Self Funding Ideas for ALL Causes
A New Day is dawning and we need to take care of ourselves!
Donations are scarce and government seems to help everyone ... but your organization.  What are you going to do?  Self Funding is the way most organizations find success for both raising money and increasing participation from their supporters. 
Let us help you out!


We want to put the "FUN" back into YOUR Fund Raising!

Whether you are a non-profit, school related, social, service or philanthropic organization, we want to help you in your self funding program! We want to help you be as successful as you can be. Many of you make up the back bone of this great country and perform some of the most admirable services we know. You make this country into the greatness it is today. You now have access to programs that will enable you to self fund your organization with most being no money out of pocket programs. 

We believe you will find our programs are as good...or better, in most instances, due to our attention to detail and the fact that we have been involved in non-profit organizations for over 15 years and know firsthand the issues facing you in the field today. We want to make your fund raising program more "FUN", with a variety of programs and incentives at no money out of your pocket. We want 100% of your profits to go directly to your cause so we are going to help you in supplying some bonus incentive packages based on your commitment level.
It is our desire to work WITH you in developing the best program to meet the needs of your financial plan. We have several programs now, but who knows, maybe we will come upon with a new program tomorrow, with your input, that will benefit your organization better! Give us a call and let's see what we can come up with!

Our programs have that extra bonus of us supplying exciting travel award programs based on the program level your organization needs in funding support. We have spectacular prizes sure to motivate your volunteers, members or sales team from industry leaders like Carnival Cruise Lines and RCI Worldwide Properties. 

Join with us to Fund a Cause...Fund YOUR Cause...for a better financial future for your organization!
Groups that can benefit from our programs:

Athletic Teams
Private Schools
Food Banks
Service Organizations
Day Cares
Public Schools
Theater Groups
Ballet Troop
Drama Club
Club Sports
   ... Truly anyone who is self funding a group or activity...
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