"Self Funding Ideas for ALL"
Self Funding Ideas for ALL Causes
Vacations into Donations

What if you could tap into the world's largest industry for self funding your organization's financial needs? When your Non-Profit organization is looking for something out of the ordinary to utilize in fund raising...look no further than the travel industry! Travel is the #1 industry in the world with over $7 trillion in revenue - over $1 trillion in the US alone! It can be a true WIN - WIN for everyone. You get some money from leisure or business travel already being taken by your supporters - and they get an amazing trip that they will enjoy for a lifetime! Even in this economy, people are still traveling. It is time to look outside the box when looking to new forms of funding, get something that is fun to do and people are doing already...Travel!

We have several ways you can utilize this innovative way way to turn vacations into donations for your organization:

  • You can use a 7 day Resort Vacation Certificate from RCI Global Vacation Network with over 60,000 properties in over 100 countries. Most of the locations are worth $1000 or more for the week and there are NO timeshare sales presentations to attend.
Resort Vacation Certificates by Endless Vacation Rentals® would like to offer you and your family
the gift of travel!

Resort Vacation Certificates provide access to one-week (7 nights) vacation rentals at many resorts worldwide. Choose from a variety of popular destinations around the world, subject to availability.  Accommodations range in size from studio to multi-bedroom units. Many units have large living rooms, dining rooms, fully-equipped kitchens and laundry facilities. Some accommodations include: spas, fitness centers, various activities, championship golf courses, pools, hot tubs and much more.

You can raffle, sell or use these certificates to supplement incentives for other funding programs at a minimal, no money out of pocket cost to you. For example: your non-profit offers the certificate as a fund raiser for $349 (or higher) (a regular $599 cost on the Resort Vacation website).  For each one sold, your non-profit will earn $50 or more depending on your profit desired and there is no additional contact on your organization's part. Just send them to the website for them to choose their get away.  You can increase your profit and purchase a minimum of 10 for as low as $295.
Click here to begin your donations today by purchasing a certificate
and sending a donation to some worthy non-profit causes!
  • A second option is to set up a group travel plan and travel with your constituents to a destination of choice, bus tours, escorted tours, food and wine tours, historical pilgrimages and more!  You can design a custom itinerary and set a profit margin your supporters will support and enjoy with people of a similar mind set.  These are rewarding experiences and give you a deeper connection with your supporters and an exciting common experience.
  • A third option is to organize a group trip or fund raising cruise! We will handle all the details of the program, you just need to tell your supporters about the trip and enjoy!  Studies show that when people travel with like minded individuals, it will be an experience they will remember and talk about and also solidify their support for the organization, for years to come!  We can develop a website for them to go to handle all the details and you don't even have to collect the money. Tell your supporters about the trip, encourage them to sign up, enjoy the trip, receive a check then plan your next year's fund raising trip!

Contact us today to set up your next successful self funding program!

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