"Self Funding Ideas for ALL"
Self Funding Ideas for ALL Causes
Discount Card and Raffle Program

Fund Raising DISCOUNT CARDS … with a BONUS

This program is intended to be used as a no money out of pocket way to raise funds for special projects or general activities. The program revolves around a Discount Card utilizing special offers from up to 25 local companies to entice people to donate to your cause. The bonus will come in how we help supply the motivation for the sales team with travel vacation prizes including 7 Night resort certificates and special Carnival Cruise Line certificate for two, including all port, government taxes and gratuities!…all at NO COST to your program! This is a threefold win for everyone…

  1. First, the business wins because they are associated with a worthy program – YOURS;
  2. Second, the business receives free advertising for their business and are able to show direct support for your cause to their customers, with no money out of their pocket;
  3. Third, your organization will benefit by the sale of the cards and have a spectacular prize incentive package to promote a competitive self funding program to meet your organizational goals! 
And best of all, you have 20 days before any money has to change hands to pay for the cards…plenty of time to allow this program to be a no money out of pocket self funding program for your organization!
We have sample letters and corporate forms to be completed by potential sponsors we will share with you as we develop your custom program. These forms help keep everything organized and above board so your campaign will be looked at in a favorable light. We will work with you to share proven ideas about the most successful fund raising techniques. 

Sample fund raising chart potential with incentive package
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Contact us today to begin your next successful self funding program!

(SAMPLE: 16 Sponsor Card)
We can add up to 25 sponsors on a card
Discount Coupon Program

Funding a Cause has now made it easier to raise money for your all important projects!  With the participation of local businesses who need FREE advertising and want to support your cause, we can set up a 5 coupon booklet for their business offering that will be packaged into a perforated booklet.  This will allow the business to control the number and duration of the coupons - and only spend money when they receive money for their product or services.  These booklets traditionally sell for $20.  With a minimum average value of $4 per coupon savings the complete booklet will be worth over $200 to the supporter!  A Great return on your money however you look at it! 

The best part about this program is we have built in some amazing incentives for your team that include resort stays and even 7 Day Carnival Cruise packages for two!  And one of the most generous profit potential in the industry! 

Contact us today for more information on this and other funding programs!  The money and incentives are waiting for you now!

Sample fund raising profit potential chart with incentive packages click here.

Raffle Program

Have you ever wanted to get away from it all? Be pampered beyond your greatest expectation? Eat all you care to eat...and then a little bit more? Visit exotic places and have a lifetime worth of memories to enjoy? Of course you do...we ALL do! And what a better way to achieve those goals than to combine it with a fund raising campaign involving Travel! We have a full program for your organization to participate in that is more fun than anyone should be allowed to have! Whether it is a cruise for two on the world's leading cruise line - Carnival Cruise Line - or a 7 Day Resort Vacation at one of the Resort Properties of RCI Global Vacation Network, you will have some of the most powerful selling tools available to any organization! 

You now have access to the powerful self funding program of raffles. All you need to do is complete a brief survey, send it to us, and we will handle the rest of program development for you! One thing you will need to do is to confirm your state allows raffle programs, as the laws vary by state. You will need to pull together the appropriate registrations and certificates from your state or local government to operate the raffle within the laws of your state. This program also is complete with a 20 day, no money out of your pocket, time frame so you can make this a truly successful self funding program! We will also work with you to make this as risk free to your organization as possible - ask us how.

Contact us today to begin your next successful self funding program! 
Raffle packages can be custom designed 
to achieve financial goals.
To see a potential earnings grid 
for a 3 prize - 3 cruise package, click here
Some Restrictions apply with the travel certificates.  A complete customized raffle fund raising package denoting restrictions will be delivered after consultation with our staff.

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